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    Linda Hovanessian

    Registered Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Life Coach, Reiki Master

    Linda is a trained Psychotherapist and member in good standing with the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario (reg #001545) and with the OAMHP. She studied Spiritual Psychotherapy, Coaching and Holistic Health at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto. During her studies she gained an eclectic and holistic understanding of the individual which is reflected in her unique approach to therapy. Using the principles she teaches, Linda has guided many clients to rediscover their inherent joy, innate wisdom and natural ability to become a co-creator in their lives.

    As well as her formal training, Linda has dedicated her life to her own healing journey. Spending years working with teachers, guides and therapists on her on-going quest to fulfill what she believes to be one’s ultimate life’s purpose… To awaken to who we truly are…

    From a very young age, Linda was an observer of human nature. Intimately acquainted with abuse, she was all too aware of the effect of ‘unhappy’ people around her. She questioned how it was that some people seemed innately happy and left a ‘good feeling’ in the air no matter what they did, while others, although well meaning, left an adverse effect upon the people and environment around them.

    Yet unable to voice her observations, Linda vowed that she would find out where the origin of happiness lay and share her findings. In this way no one would want to hurt another and the world would perhaps be a better place! A simplistic, yet profound wish from her youth lent her the passion to delve into the psyche in search of answers. Her sensitive, compassionate and intuitive nature coupled with her desire to help others naturally compelled friends and strangers alike to confide in and seek solace in her understanding and caring energy.

    Linda comes from the awareness that we are all innately magnificent human beings. Each one of us bringing a unique and important expression to Life. An awareness that was deepened for her through the miracle of motherhood and the challenges of caring for a learning disabled child.

    Through her life experience, formal training and intuitive abilities, Linda has become highly adept at guiding her clients to align with their own deep wisdom, leading them to gain awareness, self esteem and the ability to live more consciously and choicefully.