• Are you in Crisis?

    Are you in Crisis?

    If you have come to this page, it’s highly likely that you’re feeling a great deal of pain and need help.

    Know that you’re not alone.

    Right now, a caring person is wishing you would call them.

    In your state of heightened emotions it’s hard to think clearly. You want help otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. That’s good. Help is on its way, just follow the steps below.

    Crisis intervention self help steps:

    1. Take a DEEP breath right down to your belly and exhale slowly…

    “No matter how bad you think it is , or how ashamed you feel, underneath it all I promise you…you can get through this with the right help.”

    2. Take another DEEP breath…read below:

    If you are having suicidal thoughts and don’t feel safe with yourself – know that there is help:

    • Reach for the phone
    • Dial 911 immediately
    • Tell the emergency operator how you are feeling, emergency services are trained to help you.

    If you are having suicidal thoughts and are not in immediate danger of harming yourself OR if you are in emotional distress:

    • Call a trusted, non-judgmental friend/family member
    • Call your mental health practitioner
    • Call 24 hour (free) crisis line:

    Toronto – The Samaritans Distress Centre (416) 408-4357

    York Region Community Response Service (toll free) 310-2673

    To find a 24 hour crisis center near you: